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Chiropractic Care at Gorbach Family Chiropractic in Comstock Park

If you have always assumed that chiropractic care was a service reserved only for elderly joint pain sufferers, athletes who punish their bodies every week, or people with major auto accident injuries, you'll be surprised to learn that this healing technique can benefit practically anyone. The correction of even the smallest joint alignment problems can have a profound positive impact on your comfort, health and function. That's why we are so pleased to offer chiropractic adjustments here at Gorbach Family Chiropractic.

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Why You Might Need Chiropractic Adjustments

Your musculoskeletal system is necessarily a highly complex structure. This arrangement of bones, joints, discs, soft tissues and nerves must accommodate every position and motion the human body is capable of, absorbing a generous share of stresses and jolts along the way. But excessive force, component deterioration or longtime imbalances can upset the delicate interplay that lets these tissues work together properly.

One of the most common examples seen by our Comstock Park chiropractor, Dr. Gorbach, is vertebral subluxation. This subtle dislocation of the parts of the joints that articulate the spine can lead to stiffness, back pain, neck pain and alterations in your alignment. A misaligned spinal column may compress the spinal cord or its nerve roots, creating uncomfortable neurological symptoms or even impairing your systemic health and wellness. Subluxation may occur due to:

  • Auto accident injuries (which may also produce whiplash or sciatica)
  • Sports injuries or workplace injuries
  • Age-related changes in the spine
  • Poor posture and improper muscular support of the spine
  • Injuries that occur during birth or in the first years of life

This means that an extraordinary wide segment of the population may have joint alignment problems in need of treatment from our Comstock Park chiropractor, from newborns with congenital spinal issues to elderly arthritis sufferers, and from serious athletes to office workers.

Pain Management and Improved Function from Our Chiropractor in Comstock Park

Chiropractic adjustments from our chiropractor in Comstock Park not only provide drug-free pain management by relieving the joint and muscular stresses that cause back pain and neck pain, but they can also relieve nerve compression in whiplash, sciatica and other conditions. In fact, the normalization of nerve signaling can actually optimize every physical function, including immune response, digestive function, reproductive health, blood pressure, hormonal balances and internal organ function.

Dr. Gorbach will first administer a thorough initial evaluation to pinpoint the underlying musculoskeletal alignment problem that requires adjustment. The most common type of adjustment (and the one pioneered by the founder of chiropractic care, D.D. Palmer) is called Diversified Technique. Dr. Gorbach, who studied at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, can perform targeted high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustments to correct abnormal joint position.

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